Società Editoriale Grafiche AZ focuses on fulfilling customers’ expectations by providing them with:

  • high-quality products
  • accuracy in each work process
  • competitive prices
  • full service
  • punctual deliveries
  • a professional and personal approach

Our strength, however, lies in the relationship with our clients and dialogue: our company provides answers. Our publishers are much more than business partners; they have become close friends over the years. Friendship and trust have been the core values in our company since 1971, strongly supported by the founders Giorgio Aldegheri and Franco Armano .

Our company has always produced highly illustrated and children’s books and, over the years, also has become dedicated to art, by producing art catalogues and books for Museums and Galleries. Thanks to our Art Publishing Project, antiquarians have become our excellent partners: we follow them closely from conception, photography, editing and translations, to layout and page assembly and data production to printing, binding, and shipping.

Our mission:  to propose unique and creative ideas with style and intelligence. We treat your product as if it were our own.